Defends antitrust litigation. Provide antitrust compliance counseling and training on the full range of issues, including competitor communications, pricing actions, supply chain considerations and Capper-Volstead concerns.


    • Currently lead counsel defending one of the largest egg producers in the United States in In Re: Processed Egg Products Antitrust Litigation, (MDL No 2002 E.D. PA.), a nationwide class action consolidated in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The direct purchaser class case settled against client for no economic renumeration. The claims of several opt-out plaintiffs are proceeding.
    • Extensive antitrust class action experience, including:

– In re Cathrode Ray Tube (CRT) Antitrust Litigation (MDL No. 05-cv-0979 (N.D. Cali.));
– In re Ready-Mixed Concrete Antitrust Litigation (05-cv-0979 (S.D. Ind.)); and
– Bulk Graphite Antitrust Litigation (D. N.J.)

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