Business Litigation And Counsel

Comprehensive Guidance On Business Contracts

Contracts are at the heart of business operations. They define parties’ rights and expectations. They also impact the legal action that businesses can take to enforce their end of the bargain.

The attorneys at Rock Hutchinson, PLLP, provide skilled guidance on all aspects of business and commercial contracts. They draw on valuable experience – including big-firm experience, serving as in-house corporate counsel and representing Fortune 100 companies – to deliver effective advocacy for clients across a wide range of industries. In particular, they have a wealth of industry-specific knowledge in the food, beverage and agribusiness sectors.

Insight On All Types Of Contracts

The firm handles drafting, negotiating and enforcing all kinds of business contracts, including the following agreements:

  • Contract manufacturing or “co-pack” agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Broker contracts, including broker-dealer agreements
  • Strategic alliance agreements
  • Sourcing/supply contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Foodservice agreements
  • Contract management
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Promissory notes

Should contract-related disputes arise, the firm’s lawyers are skilled litigators with extensive experience protecting clients’ business interests in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. They handle contract litigation in state and federal courts.

Protecting Clients’ Rights To Minimize The Risk Of Disputes

Businesses stand to benefit greatly from the guidance the firm provides on structuring contracts to minimize the risk of costly legal disputes. The firm’s attorneys apply meticulous attention to detail and savvy legal insight to protect the rights of businesses throughout Minnesota and nationwide.